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Book to Movie Program

If you like books, and you like movies, you’re going to LOVE the program!  There are many Book to Movie titles in the library that can be checked out.

How does it work? 
  • Students select a book title from our list and check it out of the library.
  • Student reads the book and passes the AR test with a minimum of 70% correct.
  • Student now can check out the coordinating movie for 7 days!
Does the title have to be from the following list ?

Yes, but if the student has access to the book from home, they do not have to check it out from Lake Street. They just have to let Miss Wells know that they read the book and passed the test.

Will there be more titles added?

Yes. Suggestions are being taken for Book to Movie titles that are age appropriate for our school.

What are the benefits to this program?

Besides enjoying  a great movie, students are discovering a wonderful book that they may not have otherwise picked up!

Are donations being accepted?

Absolutely. We currently have one book per movie. If you would like to donate extra book or movie titles, please feel free to do so.