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Our School


School Hours

8:50 a.m.  Doors Open/First Bell & Breakfast Starts 
9:05 a.m.  Second Bell & School Day Starts  
3:44 p.m.  School Day Ends

School Snapshot

A caring, connected learning community...

A caring, connected community...

Our Mission Statement

Lake Street Elementary...

Community - Provide all learners a safe and supportive environment that cares for each individual as a whole person.

Open - Create learners who are open to new ideas, friendships, and opportunities.

Nurture - Foster an environment where all community members help each other grow by working together and respecting differences,

Niche - Ensure that all learners explore a variety of interests in order to discover their unique roles in our school, within the community, and for their futures.

Excellence - Value excellence in academic achievement, activities, communication, and behaviors.

Confidence - Build confidence and courage in all community members by challenging each learner to do his/her personal best always. 

Technology - Utilize current technology to enhance learning for all.

Success - Connect for the success for all learners. 

Our Vision Statement

Because of our dedication to our beliefs and mission, Lake Street Elementary will commit to a future that CONNECTS students, teachers, support staff, families, and community to develop young citizens who are open to new ideas, who respect and help each other, who value uniqueness and individual needs, who are proficient with today's technology, and who will contribute to society with courage, confidence, and success.